Human age encyclopedia 1.0

Human age encyclopedia 1.0



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Human age encyclopedia This encyclopedia of the human ages development are from the caveman to the era of the Middle Ages, where there is the development of the first branches of science, the development of thinking, human development architecture, sculpture and art, all this can be found in this digital encyclopedia

You can copy full text and full pictures, to paste and send by eMail or to paste to any document inside your device to share or study later.

You can zoom ( in / out ) all text and graphics, using two fingers to enlarge or doble TAP.

This encyclopedic of Human age encyclopedia digital studio can be used for university, college, or within the family and extend our knowledge.
*You can learn and study in the Encyclopedia topics like, stone age, paleolithic era, quaternary glaciation, etc, and much more ...

Some topics covered by this fabulous Encyclopedia are:

Stone Age, Ice Age, Middle Ages

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System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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